T H E U N S E E N earrings

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T H E U N S E E N earrings


Handcrafted Raw Brass Earrings

Made To Order

Earwires are Gold Plated Stainless Steel—perfect for sensitive ears

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Tiger’s Eye: The All-Seeing, All-Knowing stone

Aligning the energies of the spirit with that of the physical, Tiger’s Eye aids in the act of manifesting ideas into reality. This stone offers courage in times of uncertainty. Think of Earth’s energy combined with the energy of the Sun; grounding, divine direction.

Under such principles Tiger’s Eye is recognized for its ability to stabilize, both mentally and emotionally. It integrates wisdom with will, slow and steady like a Tiger on the prowl. Known as the “All-seeing, all-knowing eye”, as well as “The Shapeshifter”. Tiger’s Eye works to keep the lower chakras in balance, helping one to feel grounded and connected when reaching for higher goals.

Decision-making is aided with the assistance of Tiger’s Eye: it is a very powerful stone for the Solar-Plexus Chakra in particular. Carry or wear Tiger’s Eye during times where courage is needed. This stone feels like the energy of all of the Warrior strength you, and those who still exist within you carry.

Tiger’s Eye aids in balancing ‘toxic’ emotions, and keeps your mind focused on your true desires.

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Jewelry Disclaimer: Because of the handmade nature of the work, very slight overall variations in texture, size, and details may occur. I do my absolute best to assure you that you will receive a very carefully and artfully crafted piece of jewelry.

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