A T T U N E hoops

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A T T U N E hoops


Handcrafted Hammered Stainless Steel Earrings with Serpentine.

Made to order.

Size: 3” L 2.8” W

Earwires are Stainless Steel—perfect for sensitive ears.

Serpentine aids in the shedding of the old dusty stuff no longer serving you so that you may become your most fulfilled self. The energy of the snake, this crystal is an extremely potent healing stone. It activates the energy systems in the body, and awakens kundalini energy (kundalini is not to be taken ‘lightly’ and neither is Serpentine) as well as sexual energy (awakening libido).

Serpentine helps you become aware of the subtle happenings all around you. Serpentine connects you with your conscious mind, subconscious mind, super conscious mind, your higher self, nature spirits, etc. Attuning you to your psychic abilities (EVERYone has them), and the natural rhythm of self / others. it also opens you up to your divine relationship with this universe.

Serpentine aids in the practice of inner purification as we experience intense inner battles. This stone is a catalyst, freeing you from self-imposed limitations, and the shackles of society. Start fresh with Serpentine, and it’s powerful Heart protectant Snake Medicine.

An affirmation of mine for quite some time this year has been; ‘This feeling is always available to you’. These 7 words seem to be circulating in my mind whenever I am filled with bliss and laughter and just radiant love. Serpentine reminds me of that message. Whoever’s hands these pieces end up in, please remember that yes, life is cyclical and there will always be highs and lows, but when you are feeling low, you at your best is always available to you.

~~~~~~Plant Allies~~~~~~

H a w t h o r n & R o s e

Work with Serpentine’s crystal medicine in conjunction with plant allies that stimulate and heal the Heart. The Heart is associated with both Spirit, and The Nervous System. The strength of the Heart aids in a strong spirit, a clear mind, and calm positive emotions.

Hawthorn is an cardiac, diuretic, astringent, and tonic, but is mainly used as a cardiovascular tonic that increases blood flow to the heart, and counteracts Heart attacks. Hawthorn’s elemental nature is fire. The flowers, leaves, and fruits of Hawthorn all have properties that reduce blood pressure, stimulate the heart, and act as a mild sedative. Hawthorn relaxes the Heart while supporting its ability to produce and sustain energetic output. This plant helps to modulate the release of an enzyme called ‘human neutrophil elastase ‘that occurs during circulatory stress. Enjoy Hawthorn Berries in tea form with other plant allies such as Red clovers and Nettles, or in form of tincture.

Rose’s association with love, romance, and forgiveness is no coincidence. There is a physiological reason behind this, as Rose truly soothes both Heart and Emotions, as well as balancing the Mind. Rose is both cooling and warming in action. Use a high quality rose oil to anoint the Heart space and clear built up energy in the Heart, consume rose petals as a tea with other herbs, and keep rosewater on hand to add to things such as smoothies.

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