S E R P E N T I N E ring size 6

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S E R P E N T I N E ring size 6


Handcrafted ring

One of a kind

Made with molten metal alloy of silver, tin, and copper

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Serpentine has very snake like energy helping you shed what no longer serves you, so that you can become your most fulfilled self.

Serpentine is a potent healing crystal, and is good for activating the energetic systems in the body. Serpentine helps awaken libido, and activated Kundalini energy with intentional use.

Serpentine helps connect with the energy of the Earth.

Serpentine helps release fears from the past, and is great to call upon its medicine to help fine peaceful solutions. These stones help one to overcome being a pushover in the name of “love”.

Serpentine is a very spiritual stone, connecting one with your conscious, subconscious, and higher self. It connects you to nature spirits, and attunes to your psychic abilities.

Serpentine helps you feel the natural rhythm of self, others, and allows you to feel that energy. These stones open you up to subtle energies taking place around you.

Serpentine deals with abundance as well, and amplifies what you’re sending out.

Magnetism and attraction


Serpentine brings about transformation by showing you your true nature, and brings attention to your very own rhythms. Serpentine is a catlyst for freeing you from self-imposed limitations, patterns, and shackles of society.

Start fresh with the heart protector that is Serpentine.


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