OOK Labradorite ring - size 5.5


OOK Labradorite ring - size 5.5


One of a kind

Ready to ship within 3-5 business days

Handcrafted with molten metal alloy of tin, silver, and copper.

Please note that rings cannot be re-sized. There are many tutorials online that help find your ring size if you are unsure.



The Magician’s Stone

This stone encourages the discovery of the magick of one’s spirit / connection to the universe. Labradorite provides a path in which bridges the gap between the physical reality and the unseen heavens.

Labradorite encourages you to find your purpose, which in turn leads you to an illuminated universe. Often, this stone may find you at a time where you are unhappy in your life. Labradorite awakens you to deep inner consciousness, and here creativity is limitless. It is infinite.

Labradorite aids in channeling powers of dream recall, recalling past lives, and powers of clairvoyance. This stone awakens your warrior. It guides us to question our belief systems and thought patterns, seeing if they actually belong to you. It tells us to question self . Find one’s own answers.

Labradorite’s beautiful shine deflects what would cause you harm along your journey.

Labradorite resonates with the Third Eye Chakra—as it heightens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Labradorite helps prepare the body and soul for ascension. It brings up old memories & past life issues in order for them to be healed. Providing you with strength of will, and inner worth.

Use for breaking addictions or unhealthy habits.

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