S T E A D Y // Winter 2018 collection


S T E A D Y // Winter 2018 collection

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Handcrafted Garnet x Brass amulet

Hangs on 20 inch chain

Made To Order

The Heart’s Abyss and Other Stories Winter 2018 collection

Red Garnet: The Warrior’s Stone

Red Garnet aids in keeping the Root chakra steady and protected with its delicious red crystal energy, as well as healing an underactive Root chakra. This is a stone that helps you fire up the body / immune system.

Garnet is a stone of integrity—doing what you believe is right. Garnet wants you to practice and utilize self-respect. Garnet wants you to live your life for yourself, as it helps you stand up for yourself.

Garnet is a heavily masculine energetic stone, and is ruled by Mars. Garnet is all about the Heart’s happiness—as it too, is a Heart healer. Business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from Garnet’s medicine.

Garnet is a passionate stone, and is a balancer of the libido. These stones bring creative powers to fruition. Garnet fortifies self-confidence, and business success.

Garnet is said to detoxify the blood, heart, and lungs.


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