C A R N E L I A N amulet


C A R N E L I A N amulet


Handcrafted Amulet

Made with molten metal alloy of silver, tin, and copper

One of a kind

Ready to ship within 2-4 business days



The stone of fertile creation

Carnelian is excellent for creativity, fertility, passion, empowerment, and grounding. Work with Carnelian to excel and be committed and bold in your choices. Wear and carry Carnelian when you want your energy to be electrifying, enticing, and when you want to feel empowered.

Carnelian aids in balancing the Sacral and Root Chakra. This stone circulates vital energy from your root to your center, and is the keeper of sexual desire and powerful creative instinct. Many women in the West tend to suffer greatly from underactive Sacral Chakras, and a lot of this has to do with guilt and shame that has been harbored in the womb for many generations. Carnelian is highly recommended for womb healing work.

Carnelian is a fertility stone, aiding in all senses of fertile creation. Carnelian empowers you to become comfortable with your sexuality, as it helps with healing negative emotions and thoughts surrounding sex for both men and women. Carnelian reminds us to enjoy life, and all of the pleasures we are surrounded by on Earth. Carnelian wants us to be passionate and joyful. Carnelian wants us to find love in all things again, and nurture our creative inner child.

Manifest your desires with Carnelian, but first get grounded into the Earth. You may cleanse Carnelian by running it through a flame, placing it near a flame, or leaving it in the Sun.

Mars rules Tuesday, and Tuesday is an excellent day to work with Carnelian, as Mars brings forth vitality and progression.


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