Orange Calcite x Red Jasper Talisman


Orange Calcite x Red Jasper Talisman


Orange Calcite x Carnelian Necklace:

  • One of a kind talisman for the lower chakras

  • Made with molten metal alloy of tin, silver, and copper.

  • Hangs from 22 inch faux suede cord.


Red Jasper

The Supreme Nurturer

Red Jasper is a gentle yet powerful healer, and stimulator of Life Force energy. They are known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. These stones are filled with grounding earth energy—as they stimulate the Root Chakra. They have the ability to connect one deeply with the Earth, and aid in realizing and resolving difficult situations. Red Jasper has tranquil vibrations, and is very supportive during times of stress. Not only do these stones stimulate the Root Chakra, but they resonate with all three lower chakras, as well as the Earth Star Chakra. Red Jasper’s element is both Fire and Earth, and corresponds to the planet Mars, as well as the signs Leo, Scorpio, and Virgo.

Red Jasper encourages one to nurture self, and embrace the Earth Mother, for we are extensions of her. Red Jasper feels like a warm hug from the Earth Mother. It is a very receptive stone, and is known to stimulate Chi. They are gentle, but very vital stimulators. Red Jasper is a very passionate stone.

Red Jasper has a steady frequency, and is known to rejuvinate and restore the libido. These stones also help to deepen into the manifestation of creative pursuits.

Red Jasper is very calming, and aids in problem solving and insight. These stones are perfect for adrenal fatigue or burnout, helping to rejuvinate the lower chakras. They are beautiful stones for detoxing the blood, and removing blockages in the liver.

Red Jasper has a long history of being an Ancient Amulet used in many cultures. Although Red is seen to be a masculine color in the West, Red Jasper very much so represents feminine energy.

Mars rules Tuesday, and Tuesday is an excellent day to work with Red Jasper, as Mars brings forth vitality and progression.


Orange Calcite:

Orange Calcite activates the Solar Plexus & Sacral chakras, and radiates potent Solar fiery energy.

Orange Calcite aids in strengthening the intuition, while stimulating spiritual growth. This stone is perfect for guiding one throughout their lives with clear direction.

Orange Calcite assists in inspiration and creativity — as it helps remove blockages keeping you from accessing your full potential. Keep Orange Calcite around, or wear it when you are working, studying, or crafting.

Orange Calcite also is wonderful for easing emotional stress and dispelling lethargy while reclaiming ones vitality and health.

Meditate with Orange Calcite when you are in need of improving your flow of money, or for improving your business.



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