Tiger’s Eye Amethyst Talisman

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Tiger’s Eye Amethyst Talisman


Tiger’s Eye Amethyst Necklace:

  • One of a kind talisman

  • Made with molten metal alloy of tin, silver, and copper.

  • Hangs from Gunmetal chain

  • Choose your length of chain


Tiger’s Eye

Aligning the energies of the spirit with that of the physical, Tiger’s Eye aids in the act of manifesting ideas into reality.

This stone offers courage in times of uncertainty… Think of Earth’s energy combined with the energy of the Sun; grounding, divine direction.

Under such principles Tiger’s Eye is recognized for its ability to stabilize, both mentally and emotionally. It integrates wisdom with will, slow and steady like a Tiger on the prowl.

Known as the “All-seeing, all-knowing eye”, Tiger’s Eye works to keep the lower chakras in balance, helping one to feel grounded and connected when reaching for higher goals.

Decision-making is aided with the assistance of Tiger’s Eye: it is a very powerful stone for the Solar-Plexus Chakra in particular.

Tiger’s Eye is thought to protect against negativity, Evil Eye, and misfortune. These stones are amulets for safeguarding the energetic field against harmful outside energies. Tiger’s Eye is also said to be a good luck charm for those traveling.


Amethyst is considered to be the “all-purpose” stone. It is a beautiful stone for everyone to have in their crystal collection. Amethyst holds a very high spiritual vibration, and is both protective and powerful.

Amethyst is extremely beneficial for the nervous system (nervous system medicine is always beneficial, especially living in the Western world). Amethyst aids in higher mind expansion, and can be worked with to open one up to their intuition, and enhancement of psychic gifts.

Amethyst is a great purifier of the auric field. Amethyst provides a clear center while opening up to spiritual direction. A very beautiful healer, Amethyst is also a handy stone to have on hand for creative folks.

Amethyst is beneficial for relieving one of insomnia caused by an overactive mind, and is a protector against nightmares.Sleeping with this stone is known to bring intuitive dreams, and facilitate out-of-body experiences. Amethyst also has the power to alleviate headaches and migraines. Amethyst is very much so a stone of the higher chakras, third-eye and crown.

Amethyst also has the power to alleviate headaches and migraines. Amethyst is very much so a stone of the higher chakras, third-eye and crown.



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