I am so happy that you are here. I am so happy that I am here. We are here together, on this journey, doesn't that make you smile? Today is my 1st year of running this beautiful shop of mine. And now we have morphed into something greater. I can share my thoughts here. I can do anything here. This is all mine. And I have endless warmth to gift to you. I am overjoyed to have my very own website now. I'm thinking about how much has changed within this year goodness. Nothing is as it once was. I have died and been reborn a thousand times it seems, and I am grateful that you are here on this ride with me. Today marks 1 year of me being in service. My heart is almost going to be beat out of my chest right now. I am running off of a week's worth of little sleep and I couldn't be happier that I did it for this. I love you. There is so much more to come for The Roaring Siren this year. There is so much more to come for you, as well. Happy Blue Moon. Libra Full Moon. How beautiful this life is.