The Scent Of Your Soul


Do you have any idea how deep this goes? Me into you, you into me. When the Moon is filling herself in, I—rising before the Sun himself, gaze outside of my bedroom window. Still sleepy and partially floating within the realm of dreams, I then wonder…can you believe this infinite space conjoined our realities at a time that could not have been more perfect, more absolute for our hearts to reach across cities and tell one another: “Here I am, I am ready now, come home to me”.

I am certain that I would have heard your call no matter where my body was located upon this Earth. Yes, I am certain, because the same dust that is intertwined within your soul dances within mine, and within my bones as well. When you smile in that fresh way, I am reminded of that video of you that I would replay again and again (back when what seems like a lifetime ago now), just to feel the firework explosion of fluttering creatures within my belly. You were so far away from me then, but we are here now, in this togetherness.

We are here, and I plunge deep into The Abyss for this love. You do not hesitate to swim right after me. How satisfying it is to see myself within your eyes and be this free, this encouraged to be free. Keep showing me you, you in all shapes, you in all forms. I am privy to both your soul’s and heart’s scent no matter what you physically choose to embody in this timeline.

I travel within the corridors of your magnificence, and God, how vast your library is. How I could cozy up with a cup of tea and make a career out of studying you…you who, rightfully so, seems to have been the sculptor of my body with your bare hands. Do our minds connect by an invisible thread? Did you know that when I spin into your love, I spin into my own love? You must know, because I did not shine as bright as I do now, before you. Don’t you see this?

We are going to fall, float, soar, dive, and soak in love over and over again, in so many different places.

You and I.