Many Different Places, Many Different Faces

i enjoy an escape.


through music, dance, reading—i like the luxury of leaving the experience that is my life, and taking a trip through someone else’s mind and heart. i do not escape to forget who i am, but to remember. to gain more insight on the endless experiences that are simultaneously taking place here on Earth, and incorporating the things i see, smell, taste, feel, and hear into my art, and into my life (art is an imitation of life, i do not believe it is the other way around).

i am a daydreamer, and i always have been. a few minutes of zoning out and you will find me in a completely different world i have imagined, birthed, and began to explore. this is my favorite. just me and breath. me and the colorful images dancing around within my mind. daydreaming is very important tool, and i want more people to know that. we need to allow more time to allow for our minds to wander. and not wander into the world of stressing ourselves out over our long to-do list that never seems to shorten. daydreaming goes hand in hand with building upon our creativity. i gain so much insight when i daydream. i map out my life when i daydream. as i am a well seasoned daydreamer, and have learned how to use this habit of mind as a tool to improve my life, i have consciously shifted from playing out moments of my life that i do not want to experience, and instead i play out what i do want to experience. this has all come with practice in tapping into the power of my subconscious mind to positively altar my life in various aspects.

*if you want to learn more about tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, pick up the book Psycho-Cybernetics here, or listen to the audiobook here. this book is a holy grail, you will not regret it.*

my love for escape has allowed me to be many different faces, and live many different lives within my 23 Earthly year existence. what is a challenge for me though, is non-attachment to the journey—who i become, who i meet, and so on. i read a book and i have made best friends (sometimes enemies) with the characters. the same goes for a good series, or a beautiful film. i am a sucker for books that involve hardcore character development, with lots of colorful imagery, because it better enables me to deeply feel into this world. book series are my favorite, because i get to stick with these places for a long while, but it is also refreshing to read a stand alone novel, and know that this journey i am embarking on is to be lived for a short while, with a revisit if i feel called to.

to escape into a piece of music is an experience i will never be able to fully explain with words. last night i ate a good amount of an edible, and it hit me as i was listening to Ramin Djawadi’s music scores. i then ventured into a Game Of Thrones soundtrack (i fucking love that show) and was completely blown away how people actually…compose music. i mean, how? thinking about the language of music makes my heart beat uncontrollably. i do not have the gift of reading, writing, or playing music, but i heavily appreciate those that do. those that piece together master sounds to create something completely beyond this place. one of my favorite things to do while being high is to listen to classical and jazz (Pink Floyd are honorable mention). every single instrument, every single sound is amplified and you hear just about everything that is going on within the song. i am able to separate each noise, and some how slow it down, give it my undivided attention, while doing the same thing to so many other sounds. it’s remarkable, and i will always be mind blown by it. so much of my inspiration comes from music alone.

while we’re on the subject of being high, i do in fact partake in mama marijuana as recreation—but always with purpose and intention. i also love psychedelics, for they allow me warrior aid in ripping off the layers and masks i build as i live in this physical existence, while showering me with healing love as i die and am reborn again. i take psychedelics usage seriously, as in i go in to these journeys ritualistically. these too, are escapes for me, but i escape with them to heal. i escape with them to gain knowledge on who “i” am—who is no thing, and every thing, all at once. i do not escape with psychedelics to have a good time, i utilize their ancient medicine to learn.

i would get antsy, and rather maddening if i did not have my various avenues to escape within. art is too an escape for me. as i draw, paint, and create jewelry, i am escaping into a creation formed by my experiences in this physical vessel, as well as all of my otherworldly journeys. so you see, i do not view escapism as a bad thing. the truth is that Earth is a very unpleasant place to be sometimes. and life gets fucking chaotic. why would you not want to engage with sources that make you feel better, if only for some time? sources that allow you to melt into a state of relaxation. i use these sources as tools to build a less unpleasant place for me, and my loved ones to be. being in my body is tough sometimes, but i am learning more and more each day how to enjoy this Earthly experience with more gratitude, more softness, more laughter, and more love.

when escapism becomes avoidance, that is a different story. i (we) are not here to avoid our lives and run away from this experience. we are here to face them straight on. there are so many tools here for us that have the strong ability to make this experience sweeter. escapism can be a form of therapy, as it certainly burns away stresses of our daily lives. but like everything else in life, there must be a balance with escapism.

if your productivity begins to take a downfall, and you become stagnant, it would be very wise to reevaluate the ways in which you are escaping, for how long, and if you are particularly doing it to avoid some problem in your life. ask yourself what you are doing to avoid a situation, and why. find a way to be rooted, and flowing in the heavens and stars at the same time. the word escapism is negatively used in our society, and (outside of this post) i do my best to stay away from that word. my means of escape are my meditations, my time of recharging and refueling. call it something else that vibrates something more positive within you. reality is a special place to be. i am grateful for every day i get another chance at living, and although their are many factors and forces determining the direction of our lives, we do have the power to change and adjust our world to a certain extent. we are creators—obviously, as we create these many avenues outside of our reality to exist within. the same way we do that, we can create a more exciting life for us.

what is the difference between use and abuse?

perception is everything.