Spirit Warrior

who are you when you are alone?

does this you differ from who you are when surrounded by others?

during my morning yoga practice i kept hearing the same message again and again.

“do not let anyone tell you who you are, who you should be, and what you should be doing. those that try and shape you to fit the mold that is to their liking, do not care about who you truly are, but who they want you to be. this is not love.”

i knew right away that this was not a message meant solely for me, but i was meant to share it. afterward, i sat down to pull a card from my Oracle deck for me, and one specifically for those who journey with me through The Roaring Siren. and so God, Great Spirit, Universal Truth, The Most High—whatever you call All That Is, has lead me to create this post.

i have been working with the cards for almost 5 years now—and i am by no means a pro at this. i use divination as a personal tool for my spiritual growth, and i have never posted a reading of any sort online before (this moment is very special to me). i love divination very much, and i mostly work with crystals as a divination tool. soon, i will share that. maybe Moon Day messages will become a frequent thing here.

before i get into the card i pulled, i want to say that if you do not resonate with this message, please do not force yourself to. often i feel their is an over abundance of card pullings on the internet, and people force themselves to make those cards about them, even when they do not resonate with those messages. i believe this can greatly block your spiritual growth, and change the course of your journey, because you attached to a message that was not meant for you. sometimes you may be on a path that differs from someone’s collective message, and that is okay. be true to you. use your intuition and discernment.


Spirit of the Warrior

pulling from the Earth Warriors Oracle Deck. Guidebook by Alana Fairchild. artwork by Isabel Bryna

these words are my own


Alakoa derives from the Hawaiian Koa tradition of fierce warriors, meaning ‘to cultivate the spirit of the warrior’.

often times, in the midst of chaos and destruction, the Spirit Warrior may feel discouraged and hopeless. the Spirit Warrior may often feel alone if they let the weight of burdens take over. the Spirit Warrior knows that without wholly truth, there is no peace. and though every piece of truth threatens the Matrix, they were born to rebel against what is not true. the Spirit Warrior refuses to be complacent in order to appease the game of the Matrix. the Spirit Warrior is all about transformation, and has the need to uphold goodness, justice, and truth. the Spirit Warrior is a fighter who is always guided by the Divine, even in times of darkness and despair (especially then).

now is not a time to give up, beloved. if you feel alone on your quest, tune into your Heart space. breathe into your Heart, and recognize that their are many spirit beings that walk beside you, as well as beings in the human flesh who serve as beautiful allies for the same cause as your own—the fight for humanity. let yourself be loved and uplifted by your fellow Spirit Warriors. you are not here to fight this fight alone.

love is the purpose for this battle. only this battle can be won with love and joy in our Hearts. Jimi Hendrix said, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” the Spirit Warrior knows this, you know this. as you are tuned into Source, and your intuitive nature, the deeper you feel this joy and love. but do not be fooled, even you will feel anger, fear, doubt, and grief. over and over again. you will experience these ‘negative’ emotions because you are human after all. many are spinning the message that it is not ‘spiritual’ to feel these negative emotions. but how can one know peace if not for the experience of truth? anger is truth. the Spirit Warrior is not violent, no, but the Spirit Warrior does not repress their truth to uphold the image of what it is to be ‘spiritual’. all human beings are spiritual, by nature. you must nurture your soul, and discipline the mind (subconscious) to lessen the fear that comes from daydreaming about the future’s negative fantasies. you must learn how to manage your emotions, and use your lower emotions as fuel for battle. a transmutation of sorts. alchemy of the emotions.

do not be afraid to be soft. do not be afraid to feel, to be empathetic. we need that. we need more men and women who say “fuck that, i am filled with feelings and i am not afraid of them”. we need more women and men who get shit done with no excuses, and without bowing down to what other’s want us to be. we are who we are, with no apology, without dimming our truth. for if a Spirit Warrior represses their powerful Warrior energy, you deny yourself the right to be bold, present, joyous, and engaged. continue to surrender to the higher power’s guiding wisdom, beloved. make noise. yell, scream, and shout. this makes you beautifully human, it does not make you less than to use your God given right of self-expression. there is no peace where there is complacency.

it is not true that you feel too much. other’s will say “it is not that deep.” but it is! all of this is. and yes, you can change what you wish too. do not listen to those who dismiss your path and purpose. you are important, Spirit Warrior, and you are needed here on this Earth. everyone will not support your mission. use this energy as fuel to intensify what lies within your Heart to continue to fight.

the repression of the Spirit Warrior’s truth begins to look like overly aggression, cold judgement, self-criticism/doubt, self-sabotage, and violence (through dreams and in reality). you will feel the increasing need to act, but you will feel as though something is preventing you from doing so—as if your hands are cuffed behind your back. you will lose integrity without the cultivation of joy. if you become what they want you to be—silent, following orders, never questioning anything, what good will that do for yourself, or for anyone else? we are fighting against lower consciousness, remember this. you know this. many are damaged by this, and are tainted by forces of hate, and forces of evil. you cannot fight fire with fire. yes, you will plummet into the abyss of darkness and despair, but this is where intense magick happens. within darkness, profound healing takes place. if you have the will, you will rise again, reborn in the ashes as is the Phoenix. rise up again, with love, with joy, knowing that you have the power to lead humanity into a greater light. but do not dismiss the darkness, as this increases polarity. honor it, as you do light. empower your soul with love and compassion.

no person knows what it is like to be you, except for you. so why listen to the selfishness of what others want you to be? have you asked for their opinion? do not conform. be you. you in all of your truth, you in all of your strength, Spirit Warrior. always know that you may call upon your Divine guidance at any given moment. you shall not be stopped, do not let them get in your way. especially now, as there is not only a war on consciousness, but a war on our emotional well-being, a war on empathy. many people have become desensitized due to the overexposure of violence, suffering, and cruelty on social media. this is on purpose. own your emotions, do not let them have ownership of what is yours. the more you embody love, the more the agents will make way into your journey in attempts to sway you with every way possible from continuing along your path. fight harder then, but remember to rest when you need it. you are a leader, continue to lead. remember you have allies all around you. you never have to feel alone again.