The Heart's Abyss and Other Stories

Maybe I would like to say that my hermit ways exist only within the darker, colder months of the year—but that would be a lie. I light up around the right people, I love being in social situations when I am in a particular social mood, but most of all I prefer the company of myself. I have always been this way, and as I hermit I create worlds. I dance and play in these worlds, taking in their magick. My hermit nature allows me to create endlessly, and for that I am grateful.

Winter is very special (though Fall is my favorite, and I do think I could exist within a world where it is Fall always), and I feel Winter approaching in my Heart before anything. I feel the need to prepare the stripping of myself fully naked and for the burial underneath piles of snow. I have to prepare to get raw, to go deep, to rest. Oh how I thoroughly enjoy the rest that comes with Winter. Me under mountains of blankets with my books and cups of tea (I am currently in a loving relationship with Earl Grey).

Winter provides the environment for much Shadow Work, realigning, and lots and lots of decay. Not only do the trees shed their leaves, but we shed the pieces of ourselves that are no longer in alignment with who we currently are, and that’s okay, it’s delightful even. Less weight, more flying. More shedding. more change. Snake medicine.

I go through many dramatic phases in my life, because I am a very dramatic, intense, romantic person. I don’t see this as a bad thing at all. I like to experience feeling as much as I possibly can. I love to feel. I love to express my feelings through my art, it is the only way I can enjoy this life. Intensely, or not at all, that is my motto. I had a dream days ago where I finished destroying the symbolic physical example of something I am currently working through within the 3D, and afterwards I found myself picking out a silky robe and lingerie for my rebirth. I kept telling everyone around me that I have to “go die now”, and if my sweet Cancer man (my real life lover) came looking for me, tell him I had to go die but I’ll be reborn soon. That outfit was my rebirth outfit. It was all black—which made me giggle when I recalled the dream because I love to wear black and it’s funny that I wanted to be reborn in black instead of white. In this dream, I was a literal phoenix with magickal powers. It was beautiful., oh my goodness It was a more dramatized version of how I feel in my day-to-day life. Like a phoenix. I come back stronger each time I rebuild from my ashes.

And so, The Heart’s Abyss and Other Stories came to life from this fiery sexy dream of mine. Using the feelings I experienced within this dream to create a collection of jewelry that can work as allies throughout the dark days. Crystals are tools filled with potent medicine that I utilize in any and every situation in my life. The jewelry pieces I created for this Winter collection hold the power to heal along the journey of deepening and freeing up space within the Heart…and anything else that you desire to fill the pages of those other stories.

Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Garnet, Jade

Lapis is the Hot Spring that will loosen you up after being wound so tightly, anxious, and out of sync with your intuition. Lapis takes you to a beach where you may be renewed. A tranquil beach that encourages you to go deeper into yourself. Rich blue waters acting as a potent male-female harmonizer ( harmonizing the aspects of yourself that are polar, so that they may learn to love one another and work together). Lapis wants your imagination to run free. Pineal Gland activation.


Black Onyx will lead you to show you how powerful you truly are, and how you are able to grab ahold of your life and draw things to you with ease. A gentle whisper in the night to dance to the drums that are calling you to let go. You are protected with Black Onyx. Your fears and anxieties are soothed, you are being lifted back up again to stand strong on your feet.


Garnet feels like Mama Earth’s sacred blood. Rich, fertile, potent. Garnet knocks on the Heart and will warm it all Winter long. The heat of Garnet is not something to run away from, for this heat can be harnessed and channeled whenever you need it. This fire. Garnet during Winter will remind you again and again that you are still a child of this planet, and through the gloom you are loved. Yes, you are so loved.


Jade…Jade…a thousand blessings giggling within this delicious Green, waiting to tangle themselves all around you. Jade wants butterflies to travel through your center when you feel the richness of your life and how wonderful it is that you are who you are. Jade wants you to experience life fully and as abundantly as you do in your favorite dreams. Jade grabs your hand and prances with you through your dreams. Jade makes them clearer, as she wants you to see that it is never just a dream.


I let crystals tell me their story, and develop a relationship with them before I assume they will work for me the exact way a book / article online says they will. You will experience a crystal’s medicine differently from other people. and that is so beautiful. Allow yourself to open up to the face they will greet you with. It might be completely different than what I described above, and allow it. Allow it all.

The Heart’s Abyss and Other Stories is an opening to the unknown.

At the beginning of this journey, you will be greeted by a Sagittarius fire that has been dimmed for too long. This fire will guide you throughout the darkness of the Winter months.

Even when you think that you have reached the end of your journey, go deeper, always deeper. I am with you here.