All jewelry pieces, art pieces have been hand-crafted and originally created by Kalaéja Emaun.


What is your jewelry made of?

TRS jewelry is made from brass, stainless steel, and copper. All metals are alloy. Ear wires on all of our earrings are gold-plated, surgical steel which suits most sensitive ears.

Will my jewelry patina or oxidize over time? 

Both copper and brass form a natural patina over time, which is beautiful in the opinions of many. If you prefer your jewelry to remain more fresh looking, store in a jewelry box when not being worn, and keep away from dampness and do not store in direct light. Do not wear in the shower, bath, while cleaning, or swimming. Pieces can be cleaned naturally by mixing baking soda and lemon juice, or any other cleansing/polishing method.

How should I cleanse my jewelry?

I’m glad you asked, I once would send a paper with instructions on how to cleanse crystal jewelry, but instead of wasting paper, I will be creating a page for this soon.

Where do you source your stones / metals?

All of my materials I work with are 100% authentic from local gem shops, artists, etc. The stones I use are ethically sourced, and all metals are high quality.

 Do you accept custom jewelry orders? 

Yes! Custom orders are always welcomed. If you would like a custom piece, please email Kalaéja at for all inquiries. Sometimes I may be on a break from accepting jewelry commissions, but it doesn’t hurt to send an email!

 How long is the wait time for custom orders?

Typically 3-6 weeks.


Do you take on private commissions?

Right now I am currently taking both private and commercial commissions, so yes! Please feel free to reach me via email (


I received an email saying my order is “Complete” but I haven’t gotten my prints yet. When can I expect them?

The “Complete” order status simply means that it has been fully processed and shipped. Please expect to receive your order within 5-10 days of receiving that email.

Why hasn't my tracking updated? Where is my package? Help!

Take a second to do a few deep belly breaths...most likely your package is on it's way to you, and is just taking a little while to update. USPS is very tricky sometimes, and machines get a little wacky. Please be patient, and refer to our "shop policies" page for more information on shipping.


I messaged you on (insert social media app here) but you still haven't responded?

Oops, the best way to reach me is by email: Please don't take it personal, I am not a fan of social media messaging for shop business.


When do you ship orders?

I usually ship orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays using USPS. My schedule only permits me to ship orders these days so please be patient with my process. If you need your order processed before my typical shipping date or need it delivered on a certain day you need to let me know when you place the order. Expedited shipping will incur additional charges.

If your ready to ship items areprocessed later than one week then I apologize, I must have been very swarmed with orders, or was sick.

How do you calculate shipping?

Shipping charges are based off the cost of shipping specific items and whether or not specific items can be combined in a single package. The cost is based on the weight and size of the package as best as I could set up the shop to do so. For international shipping the charges are set up the same way. I want to apologize for the higher costs with international shipping, I am by no means a fan of how much it costs, but I am charging the least it costs to ship overseas without paying out of pocket myself!

What kind of packaging do you use? 

I try to use eco friendly packaging as much as possible. I recycle lots of boxes, paper, and even bubble wrap. I NEVER purchase bubble wrap myself, it is reused, so please recycle and reuse it if possible, I don’t like using it but for when I ship certain items it is a must to keep them from breaking! I want to leave as small as an ecological footprint as I can. Small packages and clear bags used in my orders usually come from manufactures that use post consumer products to make the packaging. Please recycle / reuse everything you can!