I absolutely love drawing and painting custom art that tells a story.

I am honored with every commission request that I receive.

There are a few types of art commissions that I am open to do.

Pet Portrait / Sacred Animal/Plant/Insect Portrait:

If you would like a small (6x6 or 7x8) animal portrait click here to visit the listing in my shop.

If you would like a small (6x6 or 7x8) sacred animal, insect, or plant portrait click here to visit the listing in my shop.

Narrative Art Piece:

This is where my storytelling comes in handy. Do you have a vision in your mind that you would like me to recreate for you on paper?

Are there certain plants or animals that you have a spiritual connection to?

With even a few minor details, I can weave together symbols, feelings, and images that will suit what you are wanting me to draw for you.

This is a narrative piece.

All of my art in my portfolio I consider Narrative pieces, so please visit here for examples of my style.

Standard sizes: 8x10, 9x12, 11x15, 16x20, 18x24, 24x30

Square sizes: 11x11, 16x16, 20x20, 24x24

Medium Options: Graphite Pencil, Ink Pen, or Watercolor + Ink Pen

Paper: 100% hot pressed or cold pressed watercolor paper

Depending on size and detailing, prices range between $200 (8x10+11x11) - $2000 (24x30-24x24).


Depending on the time of year my waitlist is usually around 3-6 weeks.

If you have a date you want your piece done by, please let me know.


I ask for a 50% payment installment to begin working on your art piece, and the final 50% before I ship your painting.

I have a detailed digital agreement form to be signed, along with an invoice to be fulfilled within 3 days to secure your space on my schedule.


My drawings and paintings are shipped in a mailer tube to prevent damage during transit.

I cover the shipping costs for all orders placed in the U.S. International shipping fees I ask to be covered by you.


Ownership of original artwork belongs to commissioner after full payment is received.

However, please note that I own copyrights to all of my artwork, which includes the right to reproduce artwork as prints, etc.


Note: I am also open to tattoo, logo, and poster/album artwork commissions!

For more information, please fill out the form below, and I will get back to you with a quote and an estimated timeframe asap!

Thank you so much!

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What sizes would you like more information about? Do you have an idea for your custom artwork?