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Hello there! My name is Kalaéja Emaun and I am a full-time, self-taught, freelance artist/illustrator, and jewelry maker.

I have a deep passion for entrepreneurship, and this plays a large role in my life. As a fine artist and illustrator, my main focus in my painting and drawing is to create fantastical works of art using symbols of the sacred thread that is woven between all walks of Earth life such as; plant life, animal/insect life, humanity, and the consciousness of fungi. Within my artwork I like to incorporate representations of the human psyche - creating stories that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

I also thoroughly enjoy character design. Being able to put on paper (or digital screens) characters that exist inside of my head always makes me giddy with joy. I am also a huge fan of illustrating creatures, animals, and pets.

My current mediums of choice are Watercolor, Graphite, Ink Pen/Ballpoint Pen, Gouache, and Digital.

As for my jewelry work, I create with sacred metals such as Brass and Copper, combined with precious and semi precious crystals and stones, My jewelry are not only adornment, but sacred healing tools in the form of necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

I feel my role as an artist is to help humanity return to the nurturing of the Heart, and to help one heal / remember why they are here. In all that I create, I am heavily inspired by nature, and the occult. You will see a lot of dark themes to my artwork—for I am a huge fan of the darker side of things.

I am also a writer and a huge bookworm. I have been obsessed with books and writing poetry before I ever thought to become an artist. I hope to bridge my art with my love for storytelling one day soon. When I am not working on my art, writing, or reading books, you can most likely find me talking to my plants, or eating well over my weight in dark chocolate, while watching my ever growing list of Tv Shows/Films.