Hi there,

My name is Kalaéja Emaun, and I am a multidisiplinary artist, a lifelong student of nature, and a frequent travler to and from the underworld. The sprouted fruition that is now The Roaring Siren began as small seeds planted within me as a little girl. I was always immersed in the warmth and beauty of nature. She sang to me so sweetly and gentle, and no song compares to this. I watched her destory and create life many times, and that is what the feminine is. Life and death. I learned about life from watching the baby Blue Jays hatching and singing. I learned about death by finding them laying still on the dirt, after taking a fall down from the tall evergreen trees. Both have always been equally as fascinating, and so I welcome both in all that I do. 

I discovered magick during barefoot summers—making plant potions with my friends and brothers in the freedomland of Berkeley, CA. I give my gratitude to nature daily for welcoming me into her powerful arms, with unconditional love. I feel as though I have lived 1000 life-times in my 23 years of inhabiting this human suit on this Earth, but all the while welcoming newfound knowledge—because as much as we know, we also know nothing. 

My inspiration is nature based. I am inspired by the visions that appear to me through prayer, dreamwork, and meditation. I dance in the land of mysticism, the esoteric, the taboo, the ‘unreal’, and the ‘supernatural’. I seek counsel in the wisdom of ancient trees, and the spirits of plants. Everyday I am relearning the trueness of my incarnation beyond the current. I navigate this realm and my workings by the way of the Ancestors—for it is they who give me the strength to carry on day by day. I am here to decolonize my bloodline through returning to the root of who we are, and who we always have been underneath the covered up history.

My mediums of choice when it comes to drawing are Graphite, and Pen and Ink. All of my jewelry are made with Crystals and various different metals. My main focus in Plant Medicine is for the Womb—Women's healing medicine, as well as medicine for grounding / staying rooted to The Mother. I also enjoy writing until my hands can no longer bear it. The Roaring Siren is my language, it is my heart, my soul, and it is all that I am.

Thank you for welcoming me into your heart.