Welcome to land where the Siren roars.

Hi, my name is Kalaéja Emaun, and I am a multidisciplinary artist, a lifelong student of nature, and a frequent traveler to and from the underworld. ‘The Roaring Siren’ is a name given to me by my sister, Irisa Yardenah . It is a pseudonym, representing the dominant elements in which flow through my being—fire, and water.

The sprouted fruition that is now The Roaring Siren began as small seeds planted within me as a little girl. I was always immersed in the warmth and beauty of nature. She sang to me so sweetly and gentle, and no song compares to this. I watched her destroy and create life many times.  I learned about life from watching the baby Blue Jays hatching and singing. I learned about death by finding them laying still on the dirt, after taking a fall down from the tall evergreen trees in my backyard. Both have always been equally as fascinating, and so I welcome both in all that I do. I am endlessly in awe of all of the ways she is both Creator and Destroyer.

Besides being inspired by Nature, I am inspired by the visions that appear to me through prayer, dreamwork, and meditation. I dance in the land of mysticism, the esoteric, the taboo, the ‘unreal’, and the ‘supernatural’. I seek counsel in the wisdom of ancient trees, the spirits of plants, the eyes of animals. Everyday I am relearning the trueness of my incarnation beyond the current. I navigate this realm and my workings by the way of the Ancestors—for it is they who give me the strength to carry on day by day.

Creating jewelry helps me remember who I am, and I highly enjoy crafting sacred creations that may aid in someone’s healing process, by the strength of Crystal Medicine.

Drawing helps me stay rooted here, it helps me tell the stories that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, if it were not for the pen and pencil. My mediums of choice (for now) are Graphite, and Pen & Ink. I want to draw Flora & Fauna forever, and their symbolic stories forever.