Kalaéja Emaun was born in 1995 in Oakland, California.

She is a self-taught visual artist, illustrator, and jewelry maker.

Her main interest in her artwork varies between graphite, and oil painting on canvas. She also uses pen & ink, watercolor & digital painting for illustration work.

Kalaéja’s main focus in her artwork is creating symbols of the sacred thread that is woven between all walks of Earth life such as; plant life, animal/insect life, humanity, and the consciousness fungi. Within her artwork she incorporates representations of the human psyche, creating stories that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, and depicting the animalistic nature of humanity at our raw core truth. She frequently draws upon her fascination of Earth with her connection to that of the feminine/female, for the woman is the creatress of all life itself through her sacred portal (womb).

Both her artwork and jewelry work are self-help therapy of sorts, for the more she is able to pour out the heaps of emotion, imagery, and thought form into works of art, the deeper she is able to journey within and innerstand the depths of who she is—beyond the human form.

Kalaéja creates jewelry with sacred metals mainly dealing with copper and brass, along with various crystals. Her jewelry are not only adornment, but healing tools in the form of amulets, rings, and bracelets. In all that she creates, she is heavily inspired by nature, and the occult.



March 7, 2019 - Raw Presents: "Reflect”, Ace Of Spades, Sacramento, CA - group show